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Wonderland Slushy Recipe and Cheshire Cat Tail Disney Treats at Home

We love making Disney Parks treats at home, and this Wonderland Slushy and Cheshire Cat Tail combo was the perfect addition to a recent Family Night! Both of these can be found at the Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom and became favorites as soon as we tried them! We came up with our own make at home version of the Wonderland Slushy Recipe, and it was delicious!

Honestly, the Cheshire Cat Tail at Magic Kingdom did not immediately draw us in on our first trip. It looks completely unassuming, in my opinion, and isn’t the typical kind of treat I’d add to my list of must tries. But my husband bought one on a whim while he was getting coffee from the Cheshire Cafe, and we have been hooked ever since!

The Wonderland Slushy is a fairly recent addition to the menu at Cheshire Cafe (added fall of 2018), and we knew at once we’d give it a try! It’s pretty sweet and large enough to share! The candy coated straw is such a fun touch as well.

Wonderland Slushy Recipe

I searched high and low for a copycat recipe of the Wonderland Slushy and couldn’t find much of anything. I do know that the Disney Parks version is made with Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade and Fanta Grape, so I set out to create my own version.

To make our copycat version of the Wonderland Slush, you will need the following:

  • Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade – I was unable to find this in our local stores, so I actually used Simply Lemonade Raspberry Lemonade and think I might prefer it!!
  • Fanta Grape Soda
  • Candy Coated Straws – We got ours at Walmart.
  • Clear Drinking Cups – Gotta make sure you can see the cool layered design!
  • Ice Cream Maker and/or High Powered Blender – We used a Ninja blender and our Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Maker.

The main challenge was figuring out how to actually make each slush flavor before the other melted. By using our blender and ice cream maker, we were able to make them at the same time!

Directions for Copycat Wonderland Slush:

  • Prior to making the Wonderland Slush, partially freeze the Fanta soda – just to the point where its starting to get icy. You want it to be as cold as possible so that it turns to slush quickly in the ice cream maker. Also, freeze half of the lemonade into ice cube trays or similar. We used some silicone muffin molds.
  • First, start the Fanta soda churning in the ice cream maker as it takes a little bit of time to form the slush.
  • While the Fanta is churning, blend the frozen lemonade cubes with the remaining lemonade. We worked in smaller batches (about half capacity) and were able to achieve a very creamy slush texture with our Ninja blender.
  • Spoon the layers of slush into clear cups: pink, purple, pink, purple.
  • Top with a candy coated straw.
  • ENJOY!!

Note: I chose to make the lemonade slush in the blender and the Fanta slush in our ice cream maker. I thought the Fanta would end up just going flat and end up with an icier texture if I opened it to freeze it in cubes and then blended it.

Cheshire Cat Tails

There are actually a few copycat recipes for Cheshire Cat Tails floating around the internet. However, we have The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook, and the recipe for Cheshire Cat Tails in it is flawless. I highly recommend the cookbook!! We’ve made several recipes from it, and everything has been delicious!

Tip: We mastered the twist after a few attempts. The key is not working the dough so much that it gets too warm.

Cheshire Cat Tails on White Plate

I wish our family could go to Disney more often, but since we can’t, we love bringing the magic of the parks into our home! One of our favorite ways is by creating copycat versions of our favorite Disney treats!

Let me know your favorite snack or treat at Disney! What do you have to get every time you visit the parks? The Cheshire Cat Tail has become something I look forward to eating every time I visit Magic Kingdom!

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